Autumn 2019

Learn to love your sketchbook

Sketchbooks are an important archive for botanical artists and the place where we practice our observations and drawings; testing colours and storing collected images.

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Autumn Resolutions

After a long summer of holidays, family gatherings and gardening it is time to clear out paint boxes and bags, get rid of worn out brushes and keep paper in a safe and clean environment.

It’s time to organise yourselves for a productive autumn.

PAINTS: check they are in good order and that they are light fast and single pigment colours

BRUSHES: Be ruthless!
and discard any without good points for painting. Old brushes are useful for alternative techniques

PENCILS: check you have the right leads and pencils for sketching, drafting and drawing

PAPER: check you have clean sheets cut ready, or pads/blocks with enough paper that can be used. If dirty or rough you will struggle

TRACING PAPER: check you have ample supplies as you can never have enough sheets

OTHER EQUIPMENT: DIVIDERS are ESSENTIAL; clean erasers and new putty rubbers; clean rags and/or kitchen towel; clean palettes


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Twice weekly painting days begin in September during which you will re-visit  techniques, practice and apply them to either set tasks or your own projects/paintings.
There will be no differentiation between the days, so all-comers are welcome on all dates.   

Wednesdays at The GreenHouse

25th September
2nd October
9th October
30th October
27th November

Thursdays at The GreenHouse

26th September
3rd October
10th October
31st October
28th November

For all classes: Coffee is available from 10.30 am, class starts 11am and finishes at 4pm.  The studio remains open until 4.30pm.  Coffee, tea etc provided, please bring a packed lunch to share.

£50.00 cash or cheque on the day
Or payment in advance:
5 classes: £240.00
8 classes: £370.00
10 classes: £450.00

By direct debit:
Cahoot bank
Mrs HB Allen
Please reference with your name


Please note that, in an emergency, a day’s fee can go towards another class, otherwise seven days notice is required.

To book, please email me at: